De-mystifying Dreams

People say and we have been taught that dreams are manifestations of our unconscious motives and subconscious desires. But certain dreams have no explanation. What about those dreams where dead people communicate with you regarding something which is going to happen in our everyday reality?

I was staying in New Delhi (capital of India) when my maternal grandmother passed away in Bhubaneswar ( a coastal state in eastern India), which is around 1800 kms from Delhi. I could not go to attend her funeral rites as I was staying far away. The night I came to know about her death through telephone, she came in my dream that night and told that she was not given a pious food before her death, which is customary in our community. Next morning I asked my mother whether the ritual was performed for grandma, she told it had not been done. She asked how come I know about it. I told her that grandma told me about it in my dream. I had never enquired in my mind about this pious food ritual, so how come I saw her telling me about it only and nothing else? Is there any psychological interpretation for this?


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